Why Hire A Professional?
While you will pay more for a professional face painter/balloon artist, it is well worth it. I can paint and twist much more quickly than a volunteer or hobbyist, and I spend hours practicing and creating so that when hired I can provide super fast, high quality designs. As a professional, I am also experienced in handling large crowds of children.

My rates are competitive with other local professionals and take into consideration high quality materials, training, gas,
insurance and advertising, among other costs. Skill is also a huge factor - there's a reason I'm constantly told
that my work is, "the best face painting I've ever seen!" and that my balloon art is "amazing"!

What Paints Do You Use? How Do They Come Off? Can I Sleep With It On?
Proper face paints aren't "paint" at all! Only professional, top-quality, water-based FDA-compliant makeup meant for face & body art is used, as well as cosmetic-grade glitter (which is made of polyester. Craft glitter is sharp & can seriously damage eyes). I DO NOT USE acrylic, poster, or other craft paints or markers. Although labeled non-toxic (which only applies if you eat the paint), acrylic & craft paints are not approved for use on the skin.
No matter which face painter you hire, for the safety of your child and guests, always make sure that they use products that are made for use on skin.

Just like our regular makeup, face paint should come off before bed. It's easily washed off using a dark cloth, mild soap or baby shampoo, & water. Occasionally a faint residue remains, but do not scrub! Apply some moisturizer or baby oil, wait at least 30 minutes, and wash with soap & water again.

What Balloons Do You Use?
I use professional Qualatex and Betallatex twisting balloons, which are 100% latex. Remember that balloons, inflated or not, don't go in anyone's mouth - safety first!

Are You Insured?
Yes, faceaballoonza! is insured & is a member in good standing with Clowns Canada.

Are Your Services Only For Kids?
Not at all! While the majority of my bookings are (meant) for kids, I often have teens & adults getting into line, and have even booked
adult-only parties! There is no age limit on fun.

How Far In Advance Should I Book?
As soon as you have an idea of the date, time, location and number of participants, let me know so I can check my schedule and give you a proper quote! I have had parents who call me even before they invite their guests - and weekends do book up quickly; I recommend inquiring ASAP, before some other parents get your date!
How Far Will You Travel?
I'm based out of Surrey, and have done events from West Vancouver to Mission, and just about every area in between! Travel fees may apply, so let me know where your event is taking place, and we can take it from there!

How Do I Book You? What Will You Ask Me?
You can call me at 778.228.1116, or email me at faceaballoonza@gmail.com. I'll ask:
*The date and time you're interested in
*The type of event
*The number of participants
*The location of the event
If you would like to book, I'll also ask you for your mailing address, email, and the best number(s) to reach you at.

And as an FYI - all I need: a table to work at, shelter if we're outdoors, and a parking spot nearby - I bring everything else!
How Do I Know My Booking Is Confirmed?
Once you've decided you'd like to book your event, I'll ask you some questions and put together an invoice, which I'll email to you. I will need a signed copy of the invoice sent back to me along with a 50% retainer, to hold your date and time. Once I receive those, I will let you know that we're good to go! (You are not confirmed until then :) )
How Can I Pay?
For the retainer: I prefer cash or a cheque if the event is more than 3 weeks away. If the event is within 3 weeks of booking, I accept cash or e-transfers.
For the balance: cash only for birthdays/private parties. For companies: cash or company cheque.

What If We Want More Than 1 Artist?
I am my only face painter, but I do have another balloon contractor who may be available for your event! I have trained them myself, and they twist virtually the same pieces I twist at busy events.
This is a great option if A)you would like multiple artists at one event (ie 1 face painter + 1 balloon twister, or 2+ balloon twisters), or B)I'm already booked for the time you want, but you'd still like a twister or two at your event. Additional charges do apply.

Inquiring ASAP is a good thing, so I can check another artist's availability! 
What About Breaks?
For a 2 hour event, I'm good to go! Events over 4 hours require a paid 5-10 minute break every 2 hours.
What's Your Cancellation Policy?
For cancellations made 3 weeks (over 21 days) prior to the event, retainers will be refunded, minus 10%. Within 3 weeks of the event (21 days and less), the retainer is non-refundable.
Why? Because once we are confirmed, I am committed to being at your event, & will turn down other inquiries for that time. Within 3 weeks it's often impossible to fill that spot again.

In terms of weather - have an alternate venue in mind, just in case! (There are no refunds due to weather. During our outdoor season, I will ask what your rain plan is!)

If your event is outdoors, regardless of weather,
I will require a sheltered area on level ground, along with the aforementioned table.

What About Parking?
Yes please! A space in front of the house on the street is needed so I can unload all of my equipment. A spot in your driveway is great too, as long as I don't get blocked in! For other venues, complimentary, close parking is required.

Returned Checks
There is a $25 charge for returned checks, plus the amount of the check.

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