Right from my early years, creative thoughts and my fondness for bright colours were rather apparent. Playing dress up led to making up dances, which somehow segued into writing song lyrics, and after high school I trained as an actor. After all of that, what
would be a more natural progression
than running my own face painting
& balloon art company?!

Finding out that balloon animals
progressed further than a one-balloon
dog opened my eyes to a whole new
world, as did learning about safe,
FDA-compliant makeup and the
power of practice.

I have taken classes with
some of the best face & body
painters and balloon artists
in the world, and it is
incredible how far both of
these mediums have 
come! I started in 2006, 
and am now constantly 
told that I am "the best 
face painter I've ever
seen!" and that my
balloons are "amazing!"

Please take a look through
my galleries, join my
Facebook group (for even
more photos!), and I hope
to see you at an event soon!

Smiles & laughter,


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